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Nvidia’s Gamer Connect Finally Comes To Kerala

NVIDIA’s Gamer connect finally came to god’s own country Kerala as the event was held at Kochi which was voted as the fastest growing city in India. The event hosted by HyperX & partnered by the likes of Zotac, LG, Dell Alienware were a new experience for the localites.


gamerconnect kochi event photo


The event saw around 400 people from all over the state attending & were greeted by custom PC’s & AAA games like Law Breaker’s, Overwatch, Just Cause 3, Titanfall 2, ROTTR 2. Mini e-sports events were held along with quizzes offering an LG ultra wide display as the prize.


gamer connect kochi


The event saw LG showing off their 144Hz wide displays & also some VR thrown in. Antec had a booth as well where they showcased custom PC cases & rigs with Zotac showing off their mini PC’s. The event was a success.


dell alienware laptop at gamer connect kochi


That being said if you have attended other Gamer connect events then the affair at kochi was rather small in stature when you account for the number of booths & showcases. May be they weren’t expecting such a turnout but compared to other GC events this one was watered down.


custom pc rig at gamer connect kochi


The event can be seen as a start of new things as such official events are often rare at Kerala;  the southern most part of india. But the turnout & response from the gamers can only strengthen the next event & brand presence. We did enjoy our time & appreciate any event that bring gamers come together.


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