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How Good Is Fifa 18 | Honest Demo Impressions

FIFA 18’s PC demo has been out now for a couple of days & after trying it out we thought it deserves a piece of our mind.From the first time you boot up a match you will see how different of a game FIFA 18 actually is from last year.


a packed football stadium in fifa 18

What’s New

This is the first FIFA to feature DirectX 12 & frostbite engine clearly gets an upgrade. The visual difference is amazing & really noticeable. Players look alive with realistic skin textures which looks almost real especially Cristiano Ronaldo. Graphicswise, game looks topnotch & have reached another level.

Match presentation is another area which seems to be revamped with some moments in between matches which makes the game that much more personal.

Muller shooting the ball in FIFA 18


Now on to gameplay; the game is not as fast as FIFA 17 but not as bogged down as 16. The action on the field is further optimized & most of the action will happen on middle of the pitch. Getting the ball through is harder than before but it’s feels really earned when it does connect. But breakaways are really quick & makes it very exciting to play counterattacks if you have the right players. This years fifa seems to be more skill & patience based than before. Defence & midfield will hold their ground really well & plugs any gap to the forwards. AI is clearly improved for the better.


cristiano ronaldo isco & antoine griezman


Defense is even tighter as it’s all about timing it right. Players will intercept through passes, knock down lob’s, its just so fun to watch. Playing the right ball breaking the defense wide apart is very satisfying.Attacking on the other side sees insane long shots retained as you can still score some screamers from way outside the box. Dribbling is much easier & further the dribble rating things are going to be easy on one-on-ones.


cristiano ronaldo in fifa 18


With new animations, match intros & commentary being spot on , this year’s FIFA looks to be a winner. With the demo weighing around 7GB in size l, we would recommend giving the demo a try. For knowing which teams are available in the demo see our eariler post.

Download it via origin here.



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