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Latest Version Of Denuvo Cracked By Scene Group CPY

As always the cat & mouse game between DRM’s & crackers has seen another finale as the latest version of denuvo the infamous DRM foremostly used by game developers has been cracked. The crack was released on to the scene by a group called “CPY”.

The game in question is the much acclaimed Assassin’s Creed Origins which was protected by not one but FOUR protections.

The crack comes after almost 3 months so it can be said that denuvo did offer Ubisoft with a proper sales window. But the game was slammed hard for having “VM Protect” on top of denuvo & many users claim their PC’s which were more than capable of running the game not being able to run it due to poor frame rates. They blame it on VM protect & denuvo which sends several thousand protection checks each time the player moves.

Many paying gamers were feeling the ill effects refunded the game &took on to the web bashing Ubisoft for punishing paying customers as well in the name of protection.

The pirate community was silent after the release of denuvo v4.9 which saw many famous cracking scene groups went back into a hiatus. After almost 3 months it seems all the DRM’s has been bypassed & its ┬áthe latest version of the game including the last update is now available. It’s ironic that “CPY” who were responsible for cracking/bypassing denuvo was the reason behind its latest iteration’s downfall as well.

Denuvo will no doubt retaliate with a v5.0 along with many other major changes as they were bought by digital security outfit “irdeto” recently which will surely ensue another cat & mouse game pretty soon.


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