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RX VEGA : AMD Gets Back In The Game ?

The much awaited Vega line of graphic cards are finally available on the market. After FuryX, AMD Radeon was without a high end product to compete with Nvidia on the same level for almost2 years. And after the release of 10xx series of cards the green giant went leaps & bounds ahead in performance that it was touted even at one point that it was an impossible task for AMD to catch up. Vega was supposed to be the answer.

all rx vega gpu models


Vega is available in two variants namely 64 & 56 referring to the number of compute units available. Both have memory capacities of 8GB HBM2 each.

Big bro Vega 64 is available in air & liquid cooled variants whereas 56 only comes in air cooled design. Vega 64 is supposedly going against 1080 whereas Vega 56 is battling 1070. The pricing will be 499$ (32000+ rs for air), 699$ (45000+ rs for liquid)399 (25600+ rs) respectively excluding taxes.

rx vega gpu specifications

As the NDA has lifted reviews are pouring in from all over.

Vega cards have a definite lead over1080 & 1070 respectively in games like Doom, Sniper Elite 4 &. AOTS as they are optimized for AMD. So we will only share benchmarks that offers no favours to any one GPU.


Credit goes to legit reviews for the benchmarks.

vega 1080p benchmark resultsvega 1440p benchmark resultsvega 4k benchmark results wildlands vega 1080p benchmark resultswildlands vega 1440p benchmark results wildlands vega 4k benchmark results gow 4 vega 1080p benchmark results gow 4 vega 1440 benchmark results gow 4 vega 4k benchmark results

As you can see the Vega 64 shines in 1 out of 3 tests & only happens to match a stock 1080 which is more than a year old & draws way less power (almost 100W less) & doesn’t offer any radical improvement on mining front which has caused any to all decent cards being sold out & prices inflated to almost 200%.

AMD made a triumphant return with a great product like Ryzen which took the world by storm & rejuvenated the stagnant CPU sector. Ryzen gave end users insane value for money at half the price compared to it’s competitor. Much was riding on Vega to follow suit especially when it was Radeon which carried the company through its tough times, but comes up short on several key areas. The future of Radeon technologies group headed by Raja Koduri looks rather grim especially as consumer oriented Volta will release close to fall 2018 & Nvidia will be in no hurry as the performance crown remains in the family to pass on.

rx vega game bundle


To summize, AMD is back on the high end segment with a product that trades blows with one of the best cards Nvidia has to offer for gaming enthusiasts especially with game bundle packs & a sweet 200$ off Samsung’s jaw-dropping, 34” Curved Ultrawide FreeSync monitor. Eventhough Vega has some exciting features under the hood like Rapid math, Primitive shaders, Advanced Cache system that could revolutionize gaming, it still needs to be implemented in games by their developers & time is not Vega’s friend & its not a gamble paying customers will want to bet on.



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